Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In search of love

What do we call love?
How does it happen to us?
Do we all have the same experience? After all we all human
What sorter love do you wish to have?
Do you accept that you have the ability to love and love well?
Start with yourself, which is one step I know
Love yourself and you will find it in yourself to love another
Can two simple people push it off?
Can two complicated people pull it off?
Do it the way it suits you most and the way you think works for you
No people are same
Exactly why we can’t have perfect partners
Do what you what however you want to
Feel free to make your own mistakes
Learn from it and move one
Life doesn’t start with her so why must it end with him
Now a days being crazy is an attribute
Do not copy anyone; you see what you want to see in people
Or what they want you to see in them
I search for love in the weirdest of places and at the weirdest moments.
The death of a thing can also be the birth of another
Push yourself but not too hard
Never hurt yourself…. No one is worth the trouble
But remember love thy neighbor as thy self..

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  1. Lovely Post... a few typos tho but Great write especially the close. More?